The Haas ST10 high performance CNC Lathe made from USA is a top of its class. It has a 6 inches universal 3 jaw chuck with a maximum bar capacity diameter of up to diameter 44mm. Travels 200mm x 406mm XZ axis. Maximum cutting diameter of 356mm and a high speed of 6,000 RPM.

Compact & Rigid, this 3 axis CNC is designed for small parts that requires high torque cutting. It has a rigid BT40 spindle with a speed of 8,000 RPM. Travels 406mm x 305mm x 254mm XYZ and a speed rate of up to 12m per minute. The table size 914mm x 305mm. It has a capability to carry work load […]

This is a compact, rigid & high speed US Brand CNC machine with full milling capabilities. It has a powerful 16,000 RPM BT30 inline direct drive spindle motor. Equipped with a high speed 20 pocket ATC and is capable of speed up to 94 mps travels XYZ axis. With an attachment of additional 4 axis rotary chuck, we are capable […]

Doosan T 4000 high speed drill/tapping centre The Doosan T4000 drill/tapping centre combines speed with precision. The most reliable Korean brand CNC machine that has a highly-rigid compact design and build. It is equipped with a 17.5kW 25,000 RPM direct-coupled spindle (BT 30), and a 21-position, servo-driven ATC with 1.3 second tool change time (T-T-T). It travels 520mm x 400mm x 350mm […]