About Us

Welcome to Hantverk Technologies.

Started as a small independent engineering company catering designs from concept sketches and factory layouts right through to manufacturing detailed drawings, Now the company expanded its services by supplying different industrial products and tools. The basic business runs through a wide and diversified network partnership with regional representatives and local manufacturers.

Our company works with customers by focusing on solutions that are both innovative and beneficial. We offer the best products, services, solutions and sustainable innovative thinking that enable our customers to achieve success.

With our commitment, We firmly believe in continuous improvement, impeccable customer service and highest ethical standards.

The company is aimed to be the premiere engineering sourcing solution that will cater to your specific business and industrial needs.

With our basic business principles, we have gained customers trust and confidence that enabled us to established business partnership with several marketers, manufacturers as well as suppliers in various fields and now currently distributing products uses in various industries.

  • Automotive
  • Semiconductors & Electronics
  • Industrial Automation
  • Food & Pharmaceuticals
  • Local metals & plastics manufacturers & industries
  • Alternative Energy
  • Aerospace
  • Defense & Arms Industry
  • Agricultural & Constructions
  • Telecommunications & Information industry